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The Key to Economic Growth and Sustainability

Transportation is essential for the smooth functioning of any industry.

It allows for the efficient movement of goods and people, which is essential for production, distribution, and sales. It plays a critical role in the global economy, facilitating trade, commerce, and connectivity between regions.

The transportation industry is constantly evolving, as new technologies are developed to improve efficiency and safety. For example, the use of drones and self-driving vehicles is becoming increasingly common in the transportation industry.


The Key to Economic Growth and Sustainability

Here are some of the industry applications of transportation:

Track Surveying

Tracks provide guidance in a broad range of technical applications, from classic railway tracks and crane rails to positioning systems.

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Insulation & Body work

Car interiors often involve complex and manual assembly, for example on car doors.

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Vehicle Assembly Support

In special-purpose vehicle construction the use of laser projectors enables a fast and precise display of the target position of attachments and components on the frame or floor of the vehicle.

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Caravan Construction

Wall and floor elements are manufactured using the “sandwich” method in a caravan construction style. Laser projectors are used for positioning mounting elements such as fixtures, braces, and electrical wiring.

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Automotive Troubleshooting

One of the most rampant electrical maladies showing up in automotive service bays today is the phenomenon known as voltage drop.

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Ground Wire Problems on Trucks

Bad ground is the general term used to describe a ground wire or circuit that has more resistance than normal due to corrosion (oxidation) in the wiring harness or pin connections.

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Tire Retreading Machine

To renew the profile of a used tire, you have to set the exact width of the new profile. This can be displayed with two laser lines, so that the new profile fits perfectly on the raw tire.

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Survey of Railway Infrastructure

Accurate distance measurement is essential in railway construction – for new development as well for maintenance.

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Truck Position Measurement

In times of increasing traffic and ever more demanding tasks where time is of the essence, a system has been developed to speed up customs checks on HGV vehicles.

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Some of the emerging trends in the transportation industry

automatic car with wifi

The rise of autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are expected to revolutionize the transportation industry, as they have the potential to reduce traffic congestion, improve safety, and increase efficiency.

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The growth of e-commerce

The growth of e-commerce is driving demand for more efficient transportation solutions. E-commerce retailers need to be able to deliver goods quickly and cheaply to customers, and they are turning to new transportation technologies to meet this demand.

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The increasing importance of sustainability

The transportation industry is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, and there is growing pressure on the industry to become more sustainable. Transportation companies are investing in new technologies that can reduce their environmental impact.

The transportation industry is a vital part of the global economy, and it is constantly evolving to meet the needs of businesses and consumers. The emerging trends in the transportation industry are likely to have a significant impact on the way we travel and transport goods in the future.