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Surface Construction


For the construction of a planum, whether with grade or without, our inclination lasers are the professional choice.

In order to have a plane of reference, you create a laser light plane with either single or dual grade.

This plane can then be used for either levelling and alignment via hand receiver, or in combination with all standard machine receivers directly for the control of construction machinery. For the last application in particular, our inclination lasers, due to their outstanding beam geometry and robustness, are highly popular.

Direction adjustment for our models NL-8 and NL-9 is carried out via a precise pivoted telescope.

Grade adjustment of both axes is performed at the device itself or via optionally available radio remote control. Transfer of an existing terrain grade can be done automatically with the additionally available locking receiver. Measurement and display of the existing grade is possible as well.

For creating steep inclinations, model versions with an inclination range of up to + 50 % are available.

Surface Construction


To avoid disruptions of other trade work in the vicinity, the range deactivation capability enables limitation of laser emission.

For the creation of saddle shapes, the direction of the inclination can be inverted with a simple push of a button.

Due to their outstanding robustness and precision, our inclination lasers have been reliable partners in surface construction for decades.

Select the right Leica DISTO™ laser distance metre for your needs and take advantage of the ultimate measuring precision and advanced functionality.