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Structural monitoring

Whether snow load measuring on roofs, subsidence measuring of buildings, monitoring of soil injection and tunnel construction, structure relocation, bridge renovation, or automatic traversing:

In many areas of structural monitoring, the subsidence of load-bearing structures, walls, or the surrounding area is of vital interest.

With one of our self-levelling rotary lasers, a horizontal plane of reference can be created quickly and easily. Depending on the requirement at hand, the structural element to be monitored is equipped in one or more places with laser receivers.

Our highly precise laser receivers offer a resolution of 1/10 or 1/100 mm, a zero offset, the possibility of external power supply, internal storage of measurement data, as well as data transmission to a PC via radio signal.

For analysis and simultaneous online-monitoring of up to seven measuring receivers, we offer our LE-Level software:

The analytical data is displayed both as numerical values and in graphic form, either as bar chart or diagram. The recording of measurement data happens in adjustable time intervals or is performed manually, at the push of a button. Each of the maximally seven measuring channels allows for the setting of independent limits, zero points, and bar scalings. If limits are exceeded or an error occurs, you can opt to hear an acoustic alarm or have a text message sent to a mobile phone.

Another highlight:

When performing long-term measurements using permanently installed systems, e.g. with robotic stations or in automatic traversing, one has to ensure that the measuring instrument is in the working range of its compensator. Although small deviations in its absolute coordinate can be determined through reference measurements, even a small tilt can move it out of the working range, making manual readjustment necessary.

This is where our „automatic tripod“ AD-12 comes to the rescue. It was specially designed for automatic levelling of laser and measuring devices, total stations in particular. Of course, other devices with a weight of up to 10 kg can be automatically levelled in the +/- 12 gon range as well. This technology is available eclusively from GEO!

Select the right Leica DISTO™ laser distance metre for your needs and take advantage of the ultimate measuring precision and advanced functionality.