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Facade Construction

Exact alignment of a facade without the requisite equipment poses a real challenge. With a GEO laser system, this challenge is overcome quickly and easily.

To master this task, a rotary laser is set up horizontally in front of the wall so that its rotating vertical laser plane is projected into space, parallelly in front of the wall. Via a measuring receiver, the position of the substructure can then be determined and aligned in an exact way.

Precise vertical alignment of the laser plane is ensured by the laser’s automatic leveling capability. Direction adjustment for the laser plane’s parallel alignment with the wall is performed, in the simplest case, via a mere turn of the device. This method, however, is not advisable for a number of reasons:

Through small changes in the position of the laser (e.g. through turning), previous parallel alignment of the laser plane to the wall is destroyed. Sunlight, in particular, can cause heating-up of the facade’s surface which can lead to air turbulence and formation of air layers with varying density. This, in turn, can cause refractive effects, negatively impacting the laser plane’s alignment.

This problem is remedied by our locking receiver which is mounted at the lower end of the wall, continuously keeping the laser plane in its target position.

Wall mounting is enabled by an optionally available facade construction system with appropriate brackets for laser and laser receiver.

Select the right Leica DISTO™ laser distance metre for your needs and take advantage of the ultimate measuring precision and advanced functionality.