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Line Lasers for more accuracy while sawing

, Line Lasers fore more accuracy while sawing

Lasers for Bevel Saws, Trimming / Multi-blade Saws, Format Circular Saws, Crosscut Saws

A line laser module marks the cutting edge of the saw blade onto the material. The laser line serves as a positioning or alignment aid for all materials – from the trunk to the strip. Particularly useful is the laser display of numerous dividing lines for multi-plate saws.

Special Uses:

  • Resistant to vibrations, shock, and dust
  • Durable
  • Compliance with laser classes


  • Reduction of work preparation time
  • Greater accuracy
  • Fewer mistakes
  • Material-savings

Select the right Leica DISTO™ laser distance metre for your needs and take advantage of the ultimate measuring precision and advanced functionality.