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Z-Laser ZM18B3-F Series Green Line laser (green, diode) 5-30VDC

Positioning Laser - Line Lasers

Project a thin line of laser light onto a surface. These handy tools are like...
Z-Laser ZKV Circle laser adjustable Diameter (requires 100-240VAC)

Positioning Laser - Circle Lasers

Project a bright, crisp circle of light onto a surface. Unlike traditional li...
Z-Laser ZM12 Z5M12B-F-635-x5 Red Cross Laser

Positioning Laser - Cross Lasers

Cross lasers are a type of positioning laser that project a bright, visible c...
Z-Laser ZD (Ø 11mm) Green Laser (5-24VDC)

Positioning Laser - Dot/Point Lasers

Dot/point lasers are a type of positioning laser that, as the name suggests, ...
Z-Laser ZM18B3-F Series Green Line laser (green, diode) 5-30VDC

Special Optics

Cutting-edge coating technologies further enhance their functionality, provid...
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Industrial - Positioning Laser Type

Industrial positioning lasers, unlike their everyday construction counterparts, are high-precision workhorses in factories and robotics applications.


  • Accuracy: Extremely precise, often reaching sub-millimeter tolerances.
  • Speed: High data acquisition rates enable fast process control and automation.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various material types and working environments.
  • Non-contact: No physical touch minimizes wear and tear and ensures delicate materials remain unharmed.