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Tower Construction

Plumb Laser

Regardless of whether you are setting your sights high or deep underground: With GEO plumb lasers the vertical reference axis will always be with you.

Our plumb lasers are capable of electronic self-levelling over two axes, either for plumbing up or plumbing down. The vertical laser beam, which is either pointed upwards or downwards, is traditionally monitored on a target in order to determine the deviation from the target axis. The evaluation, of course, can also be performed electronically.

cross levels, cooling tower, smokestack, or slipform construction
Tower Construction - GEO plumb lasers - vertical laser beam

Whether in cooling tower, smokestack, or slipform construction: Whenever points need to be transferred vertically in an accurate way, our self-levelling plumb lasers are of invaluable service. With the help of the optionally available Base Plate/ Plumb Tripod ST-08, the laser is set up above a point on the ground in an exact way and then projects this point upwards up to 500 m, depending on laser capacity. In this task, our standard model is able to achieve an accuracy of +/- 5 mm/100 m. If required, we also offer models achieving an accuracy of up to +/- 2,5 mm/100 m.

The device can be used in many different ways: Do you want to install light fixtures in the ceiling that realistically recreate the starlight of an actual constellation? You could unroll the template on the floor and transfer the markings upwards, one by one and with maximum precision. For the monitoring of buildings and for continuously determining the tilt of a tower, plumb lasers offer interesting possibilitites as well.

For precise sinking and the building of shafts worldwide, our plumb-down lasers provide an indispensable service. With the help of vertical traversing, impressive depths can be reached with a high degree of precision.

Also in continuous tunnel and mine monitoring, our lasers are leading the way.

Their functionality is complemented by various accessories. Our plumb-down laser adaptation provides the laser with a mechanical interface with the well-known Leica/Wild or Trimble/Zeiss centered mounting technology for surveying equipment. This way, a point can be accurately measured and the measuring device be exchanged for the laser with one move of the hand. The laser can then project the point downward in a perpendicular way.

Select the right Leica DISTO™ laser distance metre for your needs and take advantage of the ultimate measuring precision and advanced functionality.