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Laser Projectors for Gluing Tables – CNC-BAZ – Cutting Saws

, Laser Projectors for Gluing Tables – CNC-BAZ – Cutting Saws

Laser projectors are used to display the block size on the gluing table in its original scale. In this way the selection of suitable raw material is supported. The correct positional display of material and vacuum suction cups prevents milling cutter-incurred damage during processing.

The data required for the projection comes from CAD files, or directly from the control for many machine types.

Cutting saws are also used for cutting staircases. With the aid of special software, the laser displays the optimal cutting edge–step-by-step.

Special Uses:

  • Reliable and distortion-free display of the processing tool’s simulated position
  • Precise representation of cutting edges and mounting positions
  • Resistant to dust
  • Strict adherence to laser class standards


  • Accurate and accelerated alignment of prefabricated parts
  • Faster selection of the appropriate raw material, e.g. with respect to filtering out branch holes
  • Protection of tools

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