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Textile Carousels

Z-Laser Textile Carousels - T shirt printing


A cross laser, mounted on the fixed part of the machine, helps with the accurate alignment of T-shirts before printing. By rotating the carousel, the T-shirts can be positioned one after the other.

Typically, the textile carousel and the transfer press work with two laser crosses: The first one for aligning the T-shirt and the second one for printing. Thus, one obtains continuously evenly printed shirts. The cross lasers are mounted on the fixed part of the machine or on a BG mounting bracket which is available with the machine. With the help of a ball-and-socket joint mount, the two crosses can be easily and quickly realigned for the next shirts.

Special Uses:

  • Precise and easy projection of crosshairs
  • Good visibility of laser light on all material types without causing health risks


  • Less waste due to correct printing
  • Material savings
  • Lower processing times thanks to faster alignment

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