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Canal Construction

Canalization lasers, or pipe lasers, are used in pipeline construction, e.g. for the building of drainages and sewer pipes where the correctness of grade and direction is of the essence.

The canalization laser emits a laser beam that is either automatically levelled or tilted in a defined way, thereby creating a reference axis. The end of the pipe is then aligned with the help of a laser target, effectively threading the pipe onto the laser beam.

As a result, all alignment tasks are already carried out while the work is being performed.

The pipe laser can be set up centrally or at a constant distance above the pipe invert or on top of the pipe.

GEO lasers were among the first canalization lasers in the world to feature an automatic levelling capability, and to this day our customers appreciate their outstanding qualities:

  • easy handling
  • maximum precision
  • robust, nitrogen-filled metal housing
  • absolutely waterproof
  • a base adapter ensures use even in narrow and bent channels
  • perfect stability thanks to optimized base geometry
  • a combination of fixed and gliding base enables improved handling during insertion and adjustment

Included in the standard delivery package is a target for pipe diameters DN 150 – 300 plus the accompanying laser base. A comfort version is available as well, including a target for DN 400 – 500, accompanying laser base, base adapter for a tripod setup for use in bent channels, as well as a high-powered IR remote control.

Select the right Leica DISTO™ laser distance metre for your needs and take advantage of the ultimate measuring precision and advanced functionality.